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The best AR15 brass deflector you didn't know you needed. Our AR15 Brass Deflector is Patent-Approved and made right here in Eugene, Oregon. This shell deflector is great for left-handed shooters and to reduce burns.

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Who Is Johnson Customs?

Johnson Customs, LLC is the inventor of the AR-15 Brass Deflector which was created to solve a specific but critical need for AR-15 gun owners; to deflect the dispensed hot shell casings down and away.​

Enhance Your Marksmanship

Take your aim to the next level.

Our AR15 Brass Deflector is designed to fit Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper receivers and works best shooting 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. It attaches with 3M adhesive and includes an adhesion promoter and cleaner to be used before attaching to the weapon. This brass deflector is an addition to the existing AR15 shell deflector. It is made from a thermoplastic elastomer to absorb the impact and deflect shells near the shooter.

Who are the AR15 Brass Deflectors for?

  • AR-15 brass deflector for left handed
  • Long-range precision shooters
  • Ranges where there is no divider between shooting bays
  • Someone who is saving brass makes it easier to find, pick up, and keeps the brass from being damaged
  • Ranges with a divider to keep the brass from bouncing back off the divider into the shooter
  • Several customers even reported to us that it cut down the amount of excess gas from getting in his face when shooting suppressed.

AR15 Brass Deflector Enhancements

You'll go without it.

shell being deflecting by an ar-15 brass deflector

Optimized Ejection Patten Suitable for Vehicle Based Operation

ar-15 shell deflector Fits MIL-SPEC Upper Receivers

Fits MIL-SPEC Upper Receivers