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Deflector Brake Review: How Does It Stack Up?

Explore our Deflector Brake review to see how it enhances AR-15 shooting with its safety features, easy application, and value for money.
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What Is the Deflector Brake?

The Deflector Brake is an innovative accessory designed to absorb the energy of ejected casings, significantly reducing their speed and distance by about 60%. This function is critical for shooters who are keen on safety and preserving their rifle’s paint job. It also has the added benefit of directing hot brass away from the shooter and others nearby, which is crucial whether you’re at a shooting range or in a tactical situation.

Video: Introducing the Deflector Brake by Havoc Tactical Solutions.

Functionality and Safety

The Deflector Brake shines in its ability to absorb and mitigate the energy of ejected casings, cutting down their speed and distance by about 60%. This is a significant safety feature, especially in close-quarter environments or crowded ranges, as it directs the brass forward and away from the shooter and others. It’s also a boon for left-handed shooters or those firing from the off-shoulder, as it minimizes the risk of hot brass making unwanted contact.

Compatibility and Protection

This accessory is compatible with a range of calibers, protecting the rifle’s paint and coatings from wear and tear and preventing brass burns. By preserving the integrity of ejected casings, it also increases the reliability and efficiency of re-loading, making it a cost-effective solution for avid shooters.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation process is user-friendly: clean the brass deflector, align the Brake, peel the adhesive, press firmly, and apply pressure again before use. For the best results, apply it at temperatures above 60°F and at least 24 hours before shooting to allow the PSA to activate.

However, the PSA’s ability to adhere can be compromised by debris or oil, and since the PSA has a shelf life, the product should be used within a year.

Value and Warranty

Offering good value for money, the Deflector Brake is priced at $13.49 for a 2-pack and $29.99 for a 4-pack with a Jaw Bumper. It includes shipping, and the manufacturer provides a full refund warranty, underscoring their confidence in the product’s performance.

Deflector Brake vs. Johnson Customs Brass Deflectors

When comparing the Deflector Brake to the Johnson Customs (JC) AR-15 Brass Deflectors, we find both have distinct features that cater to different aspects of the shooting experience. While the Deflector Brake emphasizes safety and protection, the JC Brass Deflectors combine style with functionality, creating a niche for shooters who value aesthetics as much as performance.

Application and Durability

The Deflector Brake is praised for its ease of installation with its peel-and-stick approach and its disposable nature, which allows for easy replacement. On the other hand, JC Brass Deflectors require a more careful application, akin to handling high-tech equipment. They’re tailored for a perfect fit, much like designer wear for mil-spec uppers, which can be a plus for those seeking precision but a con for those who prefer a more universal, hassle-free solution.

Aesthetics and Customization

The Deflector Brake showcases an array of standard colors for consumers to choose from, featuring six different shades including Black, Red, Lime, Brown, Gold, and Purple.

In contrast, the JC Brass Deflectors present a more unique color palette, diverging from the norm with specialized options such as a sleek Black, a tactical OD Green, a natural Coyote Brown, and a striking Arctic White, catering to those seeking a distinctive aesthetic for their equipment.

Economical and Patriotic Appeal

Both products offer good value, but JC Brass Deflectors take it a step further with bulk discounts, making them an economical choice for frequent users. Moreover, they boast a lightweight design that doesn’t interfere with the shooting experience. Proudly made in the USA, purchasing JC Brass Deflectors supports American manufacturing and family businesses, which resonates with many consumers.

Inclusivity and Innovation

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of JC Brass Deflectors is their attention to left-handed shooters. This consideration is a testament to JC’s commitment to inclusivity. Additionally, owning a piece of patented technology gives the consumer a sense of exclusivity.

JC Deflector Videos

Video: AR-15 Shell Deflector Enhancement

Video: AR-15 Shell Deflector Enhancement

Shell Deflector Instructional Video

Video: Shell Deflector Instructional Video

Find the One Right for You

In conclusion, the choice between the Deflector Brake and JC Brass Deflectors comes down to personal preference and individual shooting needs.

The Deflector Brake prioritizes safety, ease of use, and a straightforward approach to preserving your rifle and brass. In contrast, JC Brass Deflectors offer an aesthetic flair, customization, and a design that caters to both right and left-handed shooters, all while supporting American manufacturing.

Ultimately, the decision is not about which product is superior, but rather which product aligns best with your specific desires and requirements. Whether your focus is on functionality, style, or supporting local businesses, both brands present compelling options that cater to the diverse community of AR-15 users

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