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Why Every Shooting Range Should Have AR-15 Brass Deflectors

Improve safety and focus at your shooting range with our AR-15 brass deflectors. Shop now for a secure, distraction-free shooting experience!
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Equip Your Range with Brass Deflectors Now!

In the dynamic environment of a shooting range, where the air crackles with concentration and precision, every element contributing to safety and efficiency is crucial.

One such element, often underestimated, is the humble brass deflector, specially designed for AR-15 rifles. These simple accessories are pivotal in enhancing the shooting experience, ensuring safety, and maintaining cleanliness.

Here’s a closer look at why every shooting range should consider these indispensable tools and how AR-15 brass deflectors can radically transform your range operations.

The Perils of Ejected Brass

Ejected brass is more than just a nuisance; it’s a safety concern. Hot casings can distract shooters, cause minor burns, or even startle someone into a dangerous reaction.

For left-handed shooters and those operating in tightly spaced environments, ejected brass becomes an even bigger worry, considering the trajectory of casings from AR-15 rifles. Enter the AR-15 brass deflector—a simple, yet profoundly effective solution to this challenge.

Enhancing Safety and Comfort

Preventing Burns and Distractions: The primary function of AR-15 brass deflectors is to channel ejected brass away from the shooter and nearby individuals. This redirection mitigates the risk of distraction and injury from hot casings, allowing shooters to maintain focus on their targets and safety.

Designed for Durability and Convenience: Our AR-15 brass deflectors are crafted to fit Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper receivers, optimized for shooting 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. Facilitated by a strong 3M adhesive, alongside an adhesion promoter and cleaner, installation is not only easy but ensures the deflector stays firmly in place, shot after shot.

man shooting ar-15 using a brass deflector

Who Stands to Benefit?

The versatility of AR-15 brass deflectors means they have a broad appeal:

  • Left-Handed Shooters: Finally, a solution that accounts for the unique challenges left-handed markspeople face.
  • Long-Range Shooters: Keep your surrounding area free of debris, maintaining the pristine condition necessary for precision shooting.
  • Ranges with Limited Space: In environments where shooters are nearby, deflectors are indispensable in maintaining order and safety.
  • Brass Collectors: Simplifies brass collection, ensuring casings are in good condition for reloading or recycling.
  • Suppressor Users: An unexpected benefit is the reduction of excess gas in the shooter’s face, a common complaint among suppressed firearm users.

Small Accessory, Big Impact

The design of our AR-15 brass deflector encompasses a thoughtful understanding of shooting dynamics. Made from a resilient thermoplastic elastomer, it is engineered to endure and perform under the demanding conditions of repetitive shooting. This ensures an optimized ejection pattern, which is crucial for both individual practice and competitive environments.

Moreover, the presence of a brass deflector makes side-by-side shooting sessions safer and more enjoyable. By reducing the risks associated with ejected casings, ranges can foster a more welcoming and focused environment for shooters of all skill levels.

Time to Equip Your Range

The introduction of AR-15 brass deflectors at your range is more than an upgrade; it’s a commitment to safety, efficiency, and an enhanced shooting experience. The simplicity of installation and the broad spectrum of benefits make this accessory a must-have for any range operator looking to distinguish their facility as a top-tier shooting destination.


Here, you’ll find quick answers to some of the most common questions regarding the use and benefits of AR-15 Brass Deflectors at shooting ranges.

What is an AR-15 Brass Deflector?

An AR-15 Brass Deflector is an accessory for AR-15 rifles that deflects ejected casings away from the shooter and nearby individuals for increased safety and cleanliness.

Why should my range use AR-15 Brass Deflectors?

Using AR-15 Brass Deflectors enhances safety by preventing potential burns from hot casings, keeps the range cleaner, and allows shooters to remain focused on their targets.

How do AR-15 Brass Deflectors benefit left-handed shooters?

Given the direction of brass ejection from an AR-15, left-handed shooters often have brass directed towards them. A brass deflector mitigates this by safely redirecting casings away from the shooter.

How are AR-15 Brass Deflectors installed?

These deflectors are easy to install on Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper receivers. They use a strong 3M adhesive and come with an adhesion promoter and cleaner to ensure a firm, secure attachment.

Can a Brass Deflector damage my rifle or affect its performance?

No, AR-15 Brass Deflectors are designed to be non-damaging to your firearm. They are made from a resilient thermoplastic elastomer that can withstand the conditions of repetitive shooting and do not interfere with the firearm’s performance.

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